Reducing Teacher Workload


As a young teacher, I loved teaching in year 6. Pupils were mostly able to get on with their own work, good fun, conversations around curriculum would often be deep, thoughtful and I would feel challenged by pupils. There was always the pressure of testing but somehow this gave the year a framework and focus. Plus, you got the lovely second half of the summer term after S.A.T.S when school days were filled with art, drama and trips.

This is definitely still the same and many primary teachers love the assessment year groups in both Key stage 1 and 2. However as results and data produced by these year groups have increasingly become the key measurement of a school’s success so the pressure and workload has grown.

Earlier this year the government produced their new recruitment and retention strategy with a clear focus on the concerns of teacher workload. We understand it’s negative impact on the profession. Speak to any teacher about their job, the chat will often lead to the amount of work they are asked to do in evening and weekends. Worst of all, it is still pushing good teachers out of the profession so it’s heart-warming to see schools taking a new approach.


This summer, whilst recruiting for primary schools in South London, we have been excited to recruit for two roles within a school that have really thought about the pressures of teacher workload and have come up with an interesting approach for September.

In year 2 and year 6, the school are investing in an additional teacher. There will be two full-time class teachers who will be able to work alongside another full-time, experienced teacher who will support with planning, assessment, intervention and group work. This additional teacher should lighten the workload and allow for more in-depth teaching and learning without the burnout.
We really hope to see this model succeed and lead the way to investment in realistic and practical support for primary teachers.

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YEAR 2 JOB with reduced teacher workload
YEAR 6 JOB with reduced teacher workload