Our Story

In 2019, the journey of Philosophy Education began under the visionary leadership of Caroline Rix and Michele Waller.

Having worked together for 20 years and with a long-standing reputation both as recruiters and leaders, Caroline and Michele wanted to create a company that truly met the needs of schools and educators within the capital.

Listening carefully to school leaders and staff to understand their needs and concerns around recruitment, it became clear that there was space for a professional, easy to use service with honest and transparent processes and a moral focus on supporting the education sector as a whole.

Fuelled by a commitment to providing unparalleled service, an honest approach and the safest recruitment practices, they, along with the invaluable addition their longstanding colleague and trained teacher Suzie Butler, set out to create a bespoke education recruitment company tailored specifically for London schools.

Nestled in a cosy office in London Bridge, the trio embarked on their journey and quickly established themselves in to the London schools’ sector initially focusing on recruiting staff for primary schools.

The year 2020 brought unprecedented challenges with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Undeterred, the Philosophy Education team swiftly adapted to remote working, ensuring the continuity of support for schools, especially those catering to key worker children and those in the special needs sector. Through dedication and adaptability, the team weathered the storm, providing support to those who needed it most.

2021 saw the Philosophy Education team return to their central London office and continue their expansion, welcoming new consultants to support secondary and special needs schools. Internal teams for finance, resourcing, and compliance expanded, reinforcing their commitment to providing the highest levels of service to an ever-growing pool of education staff.

The following year, Philosophy Education evolved further by establishing a specialised team to provide non-classroom-based support staff. This innovation paved the way for an exciting consultant training scheme, opening doors for ambitious individuals aspiring to launch their career in education recruitment.

Throughout this transformative journey, Philosophy Education continues to promote its core values of honesty, quality and safe recruitment, all delivered with an efficient, friendly and caring approach.

The company takes pride in the relationships cultivated with staff and schools, evident in the numerous calls received weekly from those recommended by satisfied staff and schools.

As the world undergoes profound changes, Philosophy Education remains agile, working tirelessly to align with these shifts while staying true to its overarching values. Now a formidable team of twenty-one and still growing, the company is poised to extend its personalised services to an even broader spectrum of teachers, support staff and schools. The commitment to learning, growing, and incorporating feedback from staff and schools ensures that Philosophy Education continues to be at the forefront of education recruitment in London, offering an exciting and fulfilling journey for all involved.